Click on each item to enjoy stops along the virtual tour:

1. ARCHIVAL CABIN  Historic image of the Cabin with Dr. and Louise Carr not long after the cabin was built.

Carr Cabin before restoration

Carr Cabin before restoration

2. BEFORE RESTORATION  Contemporary image of the cabin falling apart  and covered with wild foliage when it and the surrounding landscape were first donated to the USFS.

Gate to restored cabin

Gate to restored cabin

3. RESTORED SITE  Wide angle view at the exterior of the cabin from outside of the metal gate, welcome new visitors!

4. ENTER THE CABIN  A closer view of the cabin; walk up to the front screened door, open it, and walk inside the porch and then into the opened front door of the cabin.

5. CABIN INTERIOR  A more extensive view entirely from inside the cabin.

6. NATURE TRAIL Looking through one open window to the exterior where we see a person walking away from the cabin into the woods. 

7. TRAIL WALK  Walk along the trail, stopping to rest at a “Contemplation Round” 

8. HISTORIC LAKE NICOTOON  An archival view of Lake Nicotoon from the cabin, when the lake was still large and healthy.

9. TODAY’S LAKE We take a closer look at the drying sloughs in Lake Nicotoon today

10. UMATILLA  We see downtown Umatilla with buildings that would have been here during the early era of the Carr family.