archie_cDr. Archie F. Carr, Jr.

Modern Florida naturalists are indebted to scientist and author Archie F. Carr, Jr. for his inspired work in introducing so many to the joys of Florida’s singular nature through his compelling books and his science. Archie’s seminal experiences with Florida’s natural systems began here in the “Big Scrub” of the Ocala Forest. His early years spent hunting in the Scrub are truly a lost chapter in the story of his development as a world-renowned naturalist. Archie developed keen observational skills while hidden “on-stand,” silent and motionless, waiting for a white-tailed deer to appear. At night, after the hunt was over, he listened to the frog songs from nearby Nicotoon Lake — and he learned.

Archie has become North Florida’s most respected ecologist, conservationist and a natural history author of note. Some of his books are shown below, and more are linked on the RESOURCES page on this site.