archie-and-mimi-carrThe Carr family cabin was built in 1938 by Dr. Archibald Carr and his wife, Louise, from local and scavenged materials. The family had just moved down from Savannah, Ga. to Umatilla where Dr. Carr had accepted leadership of the First Presbyterian Church. Dr. Carr was an avid waterfowl hunter and fisherman. He passed this love of the outdoors down to his sons Archie and Tom, and they, down to their children. Many have witnessed and benefited from the results of THE CARR FAMILY CABIN — CELEBRATING A FORGOTTEN PLACE IN THE FLORIDA SCRUB this intergenerational transmission of love, appreciation and curiosity for the natural world.

You can read more about Dr. A. F. “Parson” Carr in the excerpt (PDF) linked below, from the book A Century of Vision, by Lucy Elizabeth Yancey, copyright, 1986.